Selva Bananito

At the Selva Bananito Eco-Lodge you will have nature and adventure experiences surrounded by one of the most beautiful regions of the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, the Talamanca Mountains. The private reserve is an ecologically important buffer zone and transition area to the  'La Amistad' National Park, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. Selva Bananito stands as an example of a respectful relationship in harmony with nature and is committed to the protection and preservation of the natural resources of Costa Rica.


Become a guest of the Selva Bananito Lodge and learn more about its environmental activities and experience a diversity of nature and adventures on offer.

Services included:

  • Transfers: San José - Selva Bananito Lodge - San José.
  • Accommodation in Standard or Luxury Cabinas: The Cabinas have a spectacular view, wonderful large bathrooms, and double bed. In the luxury Cabinas the bedrooms are larger, the floor is tiled, and the doors to the deck can be opened so that you can enjoy the spectacular views from your bed without having to go out onto the deck.
  • Meal Plan: Buffet breakfast, lunch, three-course dinner, there is natural fruit juice available at all meals.
  • Introduction to Tree Climbing.
  • Waterfall Tour with Rappel (Abseil).
  • Horseback Tour.

Services not included:

  • Alcoholic Drinks.



  • The Lodge does not use electricity. The bathrooms have solar heated water and in each Cabina there are gas lamps for reading. We recommend that you bring your own flashlight.
  • The waterfall tour cannot be offered when the river level is too high.

Day 1

Transfer from San José to the Selva Bananito Lodge. Early morning transfer.

In the afternoon you receive an introduction to tree climbing. With the help of a climbing harness and well-maintained and secure ropes we learn how to climb a hundred foot tall tree. At the top you have a view of the Lodge, the pastures, a view normally reserved for birds. You determine and set the speed at which you climb the tree and when you reach the crown you can enjoy an unbeatable all round view. Difficulty: For beginners and the experienced.

Guests need an average to good physical condition, but no experience to climb trees.

Duration: 1 to 2 hours.


Day 2

After breakfast you hike to a waterfall. This unforgettable tour takes you to the Bananito River and then up into the surrounding rainforest. During the hike you will cross the river about 60 times whilst getting to know many different microclimates. En route there are many wonderful 'river-pools', great for taking a swim. You pass by a 600-year-old mahogany tree, and receive lots ecological knowledge about forest protection from your guide. After abseiling (rappelling) down the 80-foot high waterfall – you don’t have to! You are then served a delicious lunch that that has been brought by the guides.

A genuine adrenaline-filled expedition for those true adventure-seeking guests.

Difficulty: For guests with average to good condition.

Duration: 7 to 8 hours

Day 3

Today you take a horse ride, which is truly an unforgettable experience.

You are enchanted by the calm, sure-footed and easy to riding horses all in a stunning and pristine environment, in which you encounter the gigantic centuries-old trees in the Selva Bananito reserve. During the ride you learn about the history of the region and about tropical agriculture that is striving to inflict the least possible damage to the natural ecology.

The Horseback Tour is for absolute beginners and also for those guests with equestrian expereance.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours.

Day 4

Following breakfast you start your journey back to San José.



4 Days / 3 Nights Economy Superior Deluxe
Single room 570 630 0
Double room p. person 530 590 0
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We would like to thank all our guests who have been travelling with us since 1994 in the most beautiful time of the year - their well-deserved holidays. When developing itineraries for groups and individual travelers, selecting our local service partners and caring about the well-being of our guests, we always focus on the highest possible quality standards. Since the founding of Amadeus Travel, we have been committed to sustainable tourism as the only long-term viable form of tourism, e.g. through our social commitment, visiting and supporting private and state nature reserves as well as the training of our team and experienced, fully licenced tour guides.