Arenal Volcano


Area: 5.208 ha
Height: 400 - 1.633 m
Founded: 30.9.1991
Rainfall: 3.500 mm/year
Info: Tel 2461 8499


  • Visiting the Arenal Volcano is an absolute must for every tourist.


After dusk you can relax in the thermal spring of Tabacón while enjoying the fantastic views of the constantly bubbling volcano and the emerging red glowing lava. On July 29th of 1968 this volcano erupted with a huge explosion and since that date, volcano Arenal is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, which is confirmed daily with massive explosions and glowing red lava flows. Observing the volcano during day with its clouds of ash hanging over the 1633 meter summit is almost as spectacular and impressive as seeing the glowing red lava flowing down the volcano.  


One of the highlights of your trip to Costa Rica is taking a bath in the hot springs of Tabacón. If the thermal water is too hot, just walk to the waterfall La Fortuna where you can take a cool and refreshing shower. West of the Arenal is the lagoon of the volcano with its 80 square kilometres, this is the largest lake in Costa Rica and is a paradise for windsurfing.