San Jose
Inhabitants: approx. 400.000
Height: 1.160 m
Temperature: 20 degrees Celsius (most of the year)
Rainfall: 2.000 mm/year

The Central Valley
San José – Costa Rica´s capital city is located in the middle of the fertile Central Valley, which is home to two thirds of the countries population. The city is the countries political and economic centre and the heart of the countries social scene. The city is home not only to Costa Rica´s most important universities, but also to the best hospitals in the country. At 1.000 metres above sea level, the city benefits from a perfect climate.

At the turn of the 20th century San José was one of the most beautiful colonial cities in the world, today however office buildings and thousands of cars and taxis shape the cities landscape. The atmosphere of the colonial times can only be found wandering through the streets in the heart of the old city. Really worth visiting are the Plaza de la Cultura, the Teatro Nacional, the Museo de Oro, the Museo de Jade, the Museo Nacional as well as the central market.
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