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DVD Costa Rica 2.0 – A Destination with a Future


Costa Rica is, in every respect a concentration of variety. Wonderful colours achieved by the flora and fauna. The scenery with its colourfulness is hard to beat. Volcanoes, rain forests, cloud forests and savannas lined up like a string of pearls with height differences from 0 to almost 3800 meters. The Costa Ricans, known as "Ticos" have a very diverse ancestry. Their cultural differences are so naturally and confidently combined that they produce a positive attitude to life that is felt everywhere: "Pura Vida"!


Sustainability in tourism is also a very important issue in the film. For this purpose we have, as a local company, Amadeus Travel Agency, conducted many interviews with interesting personalities from the areas of politics, tourism, the private sector, the arts & music and with many people who make their living from tourism.


Amadeus supports, in several regions, a variety of different projects that are born out of their own initiative and now those projects feed many families. These interviewees were visited in their homes and asked about their living conditions.


We invite you, in this manner, to get acquainted with Costa Rica and hope to see you again in the natural paradise between the oceans!


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Celebrating our 25th anniversary Amadeus Travel CR wants to use this opportunity to thank all our customers for travelling with us. We feel very pleased with the honor to have received the highest possible certification regarding sustainable tourism by the National Tourism Institute of Costa Rica. It encourages us to achieve the highest possible standards in terms of the quality of our tours and the education and training of our team.